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Karlijn Surminski



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Giclée Fine Art Print of original artwork BARCELONA Dutch painter Karlijn Surminski.

Barcelona, a city to fall in love with. A painting dedicated to the highlights of the city, where you feel the colourful vibe and the cultural fascination. The painting was made in 2009, right before Karlijn started to paint the colourful series of Barcelona Districts.

As these original paintings of Karlijn Surminski are not for sale, this exclusive high quality artprint is ´the next best thing´ to have in your house. To Colour your Life with Art. For all Barcelona-lovers. For all art-lovers. For lovers. For you.

Printed in Barcelona, originally signed by the artist and sent to you.

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Colour your Life with Art

"Daddy, it feels like we have a new restaurant!" - Aya, 8 years old, just when I´ve put up the exhibition at Roots&Rolls restaurant