About the Artist

Hello, welcome on my website! My name is Karlijn Surminski and I am a Dutch painter, based in Barcelona since 2007.


Colour your Life with Art! That´s my mission. Every person needs Colour in Life, to make the day a little brighter. To see the spectrum of diversity against a Black and White background. 


Art gives you the opportunity to recognize your emotions and memories in an unexpected way. Especially when it´s something you have around but you´ve never really looked at it that way. 


That´s why I bring art closer to people and people closer to art. I believe every person has the right to get in touch with art and develop themselves in an artistic way. It´s a muscle you can train, just like in the gym. 


 My Barcelona Districts Series I´ve painted because I wanted to get to know my new hometown. And not only the highlights, but also the backgrounds, hidden gems and the cultural stories of the people living there.


 The Underwater Series is about emotions, about growth, about evolution, about learning how to say goodbye to everything you know, and searching for a new way to breathe again.


If you want to contact me, please don´t hesitate and write me an e-mail at info@karlijnsurminski.com or fill in this contact form below..

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