Paint like Picasso

"Every Child Is an Artist. The Problem Is How to Remain an Artist Once He or She Grows Up." - a famous quote from Pablo Picasso. And it´s true. In my workshops I make you play with colours, forms, lines and patterns again, like Picasso did. Like artists do. And end up with a unique artwork that will surprise even yourself.. Anyone can play, right?

Why Picasso?

I used to paint ´in the style of´ Picasso as a student of a masterforger in the Netherlands, and found out all about him. Picasso´s art can bring you easily to your creative part that´s inside of you. For me he is an absolute inspiration as an artist.

  • Paint Like Picasso

    2,5 hours of painting your own Picasso. Karlijn guides you step-by-step to your artist inside. (everyone has one!).

    Private class, small and big groups. Also for teambuilding.

    Kaleido Barcelona 
  • Picasso & Wine

    An unforgettable and dynamic experience. Together with Vinatur sommelier Ciska van Schagen, we offer winetasting in combination with an artistic Picasso still-life workshop.

    For groups >8 persons.

  • Picasso & Flamenco

    Together with flamencosinger Luna Zegers we offer you an exclusive, expressive and immersive Spanish Cultural and Artistic Experience.

    For teambuilding and groups >8 persons.

    Luna Zegers 
  • Artistic Construction of the Soul

    Together with Operasinger and Music Therapist Aseel Massoud we offer you a way to express your emotions by Playing Colours and Painting Music.

    For groups >8 persons

    Sol Azul 

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