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Karlijn Surminski



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Oil on canvas



´ENCUENTRO´ is part 2 of a diptic, together with ´BÚSQUEDA´. 

There´s a hermit crab searching for a new shell on BÚSQUEDA, as she grew out of the old one. In this painting you´ll find the shell. The hermit crab has to go there, but has to win from the danger that´s around her. Will she get there and give her old shell to the next hermit crab? 

 The Underwater Series is about emotions, about growth, about evolution, about learning how to say goodbye to everything you know and searching for a new way to breathe again.

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Colour your Life with Art

"Daddy, it feels like we have a new restaurant!" - Aya, 8 years old, just when I´ve put up the exhibition at Roots&Rolls restaurant